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GYM WOLF was nothing but an idea, I started this brand when I lost 20lbs in highschool and got an overload of confidence from it. I had a burning desire to help people experience the same feeling I went through when I went from the chubby kid to a confident self driven individual who wanted more in everything I did. Gym Wolf was founded in my kitchen. I instantly designed a website (it was laughable how bad it was) but I loved it! I found some suppliers I thought looked decent and got scammed $5,000 USD! This was all the money me and Colten had (Colten runs all the backend parts of the business, he's a beast). It took me a month to recover I was determined to order these shorts, when I got them I posted them on TikTok and they went insanely viral. So I kept ordering more and more men's shorts. Then I got into women's and that went even crazier. Everyone I was meeting wanted the same thing I did... CHANGE. I kept building #WOLFMOVEMENT and a year into our business we created a badass culture with people bettering themselves every single day. We strive to build this community everyday and you best believe we are gonna make a change in the community. If you haven't already, check us out and show some love. Cheers to the failures and the wins.